Les critères de l'eau du spa

You want to use a spa that is able to give you the pleasure of rest and relaxation. To make it so, focus on the quality of the water being used, you can't just fill your spa with tap water and then plug it in to heat it. Spa water needs special care, and if you really care about your well-being, it should not be neglected. Because you may not have thought about it at the time of purchase, as you are only focusing on stumbling across the Tropicspa site. And you completely forget this detail.

Tips for treating water.

To ensure that bacteria, residue, or any kind of fungus do not settle in your spa water, use chlorine and bromine (bromine is most effective if you have to choose between the two and also with a not too unpleasant odor), install the cake, or the tablet according to your choice in the float and let them act for a few days. A shock treatment from time to time is also recommended to have a strong disinfection. Check your water at least once a week to see its pH level. It is a gesture that you must ensure without fail. There is a kit for controlling the spa water, check with the point of sale.

Good reasons to treat your water.

For your health safety, you must have balanced water for your jacuzzi. By neglecting it, your skin risks irritation and the risk to the respiratory tract also has not been ruled out. You cannot guarantee your well-being by being in dirty water. The water treatment is also necessary not only for you but also for your spa in question, the more you leave your water without maintenance, the more you precipitate its kind of wear, the chipping of all the materials, the shell… Not to mention the loss that this will cause you, because no relaxation nor relaxation, with a damaged spa

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