What is the difference between sauna and spa?

Currently, the word jacuzzi has become very fashionable. Sauna and spa are two treatment concepts that use water and heat. However, they are worn differently. Some people cannot tell them apart yet. But what difference is there between these two?


First, the sauna price is affordable. Indeed, the sauna is to be in a very warm room. It is famous for its dry and hot temperature. The heat can go up to 90 ° C. With it, you will sweat as if you have done a very intensive exercise. It has a great benefit for our health because it helps the blood vessels to dilate and allows the blood circulation to intensify. Usually, everyone who has used the sauna must take a very cold shower. Why that ? It is very important to respect this step in order to be able to enclose the vessels and strengthen the vascular system to avoid health problems. People with cardiovascular problems should be very careful about taking a cold shower as it can be very brutal for these individuals.

The spa

The spa water is bubbled from 37 ° C. It is about being massaged by the eddies of the water in a very tender way. The jets in the spa help the muscles to relieve themselves and relax a bit as they are really in demand all day long. The spa is a way of activating the circulation thanks to the temperature of the water. On the well-being side, it is very beneficial. Apart from bringing well-being to our health, it also allows our skin to become soft and to cleanse itself thanks to the microbubbles. It can be installed inside or outside a home. The spa water has been well filtered, treated and recycled. So, there is no concern of health problem. Nowadays, many places are equipped with it: swimming pool, institute, habitat,…

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