The massages in a spa bath and their benefits

The maintenance of the spa bath is identical to that of a classic bathtub. Abrasive products should never be used. However, the spa bath requires additional care. In particular, care must be taken to ensure that the nozzles are properly cleaned after use to prevent the spread of bacteria.

Good maintenance prevents any risk of contamination and malfunction of water systems. The must is the purchase of a bathtub equipped with an automatic cleaning and disinfection system. The use of foaming products is prohibited in a spa bath.

The different kinds of massage

The spa bath offers three different types of massages. The "air" spa bath allows the body to relax. The "water" whirlpool bath uses the pressure of the water to stimulate the body. As for the mixed “air and water” balneotherapy bathtub, it combines the effects of the two preceding ones. Her massages are both stimulating or relaxing depending on the option chosen.

For the "water" massage, water jets or hydrojets apply pressure on a certain area of ​​the body or on the whole body. Various targeted massages are possible, on the hips, the stomach, the buttocks… This hydro massage allows, by its tonic action, to firm the body.

The "air" massage is very different from the previous massage. The air exerts a softer pressure. The air injectors are installed at the bottom of the tub. The air thus projected is mixed with the water contained in the bathtub. The resulting bubbling helps improve blood circulation, relieve back pain, combat stress… This type of massage provides a pleasant feeling of relaxation and well-being.

Obviously, the combination of the two, air / water plus air, combines the benefits of the other two types of bath. Massages can be stimulating, invigorating but also relaxing, relaxing ... For this type of massage, air injectors are added to the bottom of the tub. The toning or relaxing effect will be accentuated by the temperature of the water. If the water is warm, the bath will be relaxing. With cooler water, the bath will be quite invigorating.

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