Spa maintenance: the principles of a good treatment

More and more people today are giving in to the pleasure of the home spa for their wellness needs, much to the delight of hot tub and spa stores. The advantage of having your own spa at home is that you no longer need to travel elsewhere to treat yourself to a moment of relaxation and relaxation. As the amount spent on this kind of investment is quite large, it is quite normal that we want to be able to enjoy it for as long as possible. This is why maintaining the spa is very important to keep it in constant working order. What is a spa? Even if there is a similarity, be aware that the spa is not a bathtub. So there is no need to empty it after each use, it is not even recommended if you value its longevity. She gets closer to a swimming pool with her s What are the principles for the successful treatment of a spa Although the spa shares certain characteristics of the swimming pool, it differs from it on various points: such as the low volume of water, the water temperature which is between 35 and 40 ° C as well as the water. in motion by the jets. Here are the 3 principles to follow for the maintenance of your spa jacuzzi:

• Excellent filtration • Balanced water • A well-adjusted treatment Some key steps of a weekly interview Maintaining the spa does not require special know-how, you just need to do a few things on a regular basis and there will be no problem, here they are:

1. Check the water quality Using test kits, you can see the level of bromine, pH, lime and more in the water. If necessary, you can use chemicals to correct the abnormalities.

2. Clean the inside of the spa You can clean the inside of the spa using a vacuum cleaner and a landing net to clean its surface.

3. Clean the walls of the spa To clean the walls of your spa, you can either use a cloth or a specialized product.

4. Clean the spa filter Filters can be cleaned using specialized products or tools.

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